by Kalm

Life is mysterious and full of little fun opportunities every second of the day, all you have to do is grab one, and the rest just dominoes off from there.
This funny connection with Karl Mackie started with a good friend of mine from child hood, carly peterson and she mentioned to me when i was staying in England that there was a photographer who’s work she really liked, and the funny thing was his name was Karl Mackie.

I checked him out and saw his surf photography and thought it was so beautiful, i then thought i’d randomly email him, and grab one of those opportunities and funny enough Karl and his lil family know people i do.
The beauty of the sport and love for surfing is you travel all over the world and meet new friends who usually know at least one other person you would, and now i have my art on one of his hand planes alongside with some fantastic artists Eoin, Dan Fear, Josh Galletly and Maddie Joyce.
The exhibition is being curated by Inhouse Studio and is being show at Seed Surf Company in Wadebridge, 15 Dunveth Business Park, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7FE.

Karl’s exhibition is a solo one of 100% film photography, shot on old 35mm and lomo cameras, as well as photography the hand shaped little hand planes are on display with art on them.

I love the world and all its little meandering ways of discovering and creating.
passion is food for the heart and soul!

….and to be captured by Karl Mackie Photography !