AR4T Edei & KALm

If your around Laguna Beach come and check out my show …..and see the soulful beauty Edei sing her songs as the sun sets on the Californian coast

At the moment Sticky is showcasing and ruling the space at AR4T….


Proudly my lil cousin Amber is sporting the new TSG goods with one of my designs on it, as she is shredding the Gnar sugar Bambi style.
I also have anew design coming out this August so keep your eyes out if your a snow bunny 🙂

keep an eye on Amber Arazny as well representing Australia in her own fashion and fine form.

Angels for every day

A little inspiration and a happy thought in a picture of an angel.
For me my positive thought and faith and good energy embodies the form of angels, no matter what yours embodies may it always surround you and bring you joy and happiness

Depths and Beyond

So i have another art show proudly in the AR4T gallery in Laguna beach California, and my good friend Emma Deigman is gunna shine a lil soul on it and sing on the night.
A Feme fatal kinda night as it will be jam packed with estrogen with all y emotional female energy based pictures of what i have gone through the last 3 or 4 months.

Playing with the emotions and feelings I rode as i was home going to the depths and beyond and coming out floating on a peaceful cloud ……

I will have poetry by Kahil Gibran on the walls as he was part of the inspiration along this journey,alongside some of my own.

Words and images fill our life everyday in every way so hopefully these wild free women trigger some sort of emotion in you that makes you feel alive, followed by a drive to be and may that be anything you choose to be from love and growth